Hodan Hassan has overcome significant barriers in her life and career. She immigrated to United States more than twenty years ago, and first made 62A her home in 1999. Access to a good education and a welcoming community were important in her decision to give back, both in running for office and more broadly in her professional field. Hodan believes all people can reach their full potential when we create access to opportunities that empower people to aspire for a better future. She knows that if we get it right for our kids, families, elders and diverse communities of 62A, then we will get it right for Minnesota.

Hodan received her Master’s in Social Work and Public Health, with an emphasis on policy development and advocacy from Augsburg University, and has over thirteen years’ experience as a Mental Health Practitioner/Educator. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Pathways 2 Prosperity, an agency that aims to alleviate the systemic gaps in behavioral health services by educating both providers and community members. She works currently as a Mental Health Clinician with a University of MN affiliate mental health clinic, Prairie Care. Her experiences as a Senior Clinical Social Worker for Hennepin County from 2008 to 2012, as well as city worker and union member of AFSCME Council 34, have provided her with the knowledge and experience needed to impact meaningful change and policy in how services in healthcare, education, childcare and housing are delivered to our communities in 62A.

Hodan  lives in Ventura Village with her 14 year old son Mustafa. She is a dedicated and passionate community organizer who has spent the last 10 years advocating for social, economic justice and human rights. Hodan has served the community in various leadership positions throughout her career and in the community. She was an affordable housing advocate for PPL (Project for Pride and Living) in Ventura Village from 2012- 2016, and she has lobbied the state legislature on behalf of MN non-profits to increase equity funding for the diverse communities of 62A.  In addition, she has promoted civic education in immigrant communities to try and get new Americans involved in the political process.