I was an affordable housing advocate for 4 years with PPL in Ventura Village. I am a renter. This gives me a unique understanding of need and opportunity that we have in supplying effectively zoned affordable  units that help create livable and equitable neighborhoods in 62A. This is key to success of our neighbors and neighborhoods, as 80 percent of residents in 62A are renters! 

We need to create more affordable housing and revitalize existing units, protect the rights of tenants through expanded legal resources and education, and provide residents with the tools they need to have stability, to save money and to thrive. I will be a strong advocate for more state dollars for affordable units to be created and repaired, greater financial and social incentives to home-ownership among POCI residents, as well as other subsidy and education resources for people to become buyers in their communities.  We can create wealth and provide strategies and policies that increase standards of living across the board for our residents. We need to commit to certain levels of affordable housing in our communities, and make sure that these units are zoned so that residents have greater access to job resources, transportation, and capital. We need to commit to robust affordable housing funds, and make commitments to expand public transportation

Currently there is a pre-emption law in the state that limits Minneapolis’ ability to set rent control measures, and this allows for landlords to raise rent as they see fit. Through this our our neighborhoods become increasingly unlivable, and renters become priced out. We need to protect naturally occurring affordable housing units, increase affordable high density housing, and work to remove this pre-emption law so that Minneapolis as a city can set it’s own livable standards for renters.

Some statistics and challenges that we need to address: